Thursday, November 19, 2009

The man... the legend.. is back!

I am not sure if this weekend could get better.
Today Johnny and I were in the Wilk about to depart from one another and who do I see?

This guy:

Ian freakin' Morris.

Ian has been such a blessing to my life and the lives of my close friends. He is one of my best friends for real. I have definitely written about him before on this here blog. He is in town (he lives in D.C.) for dear Kaylie's wedding. He flew all the way out here for that!

We got 5 guys and hung out with Kendra and life was so good.

These are the various facebook photos that I have stolen of Ian and I and our friends.

Tomorrow we are going to see New Moon. One time I went to go see Terminator with him... a little revenge possibly?

Then Saturday Kaylie and LJ are getting married.

So happy.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Kaylie bit my butt. Literally. I have the marks to prove it... although they shall definitely not be put up here.

I have funny friends.
Funny friends that are getting married in 5 days?

This is Kaylie and I on a beach in California from this past summer:

Friday, November 13, 2009

T. Bell

The past two days I have craved Taco Bell during my office hours. Both days I begged someone in my lab to go get some with me... both days I went and got Taco Bell by myself. Hopefully this isn't turning into a daily habit. If so....
I am going to get so fat.


Freakin' yum.

Other than that... the best weekend is coming up. It shall include french toast and temple and a haircut and football and movies and awesome.

May I add the french toast shall be "the best mother f'in french toast ever."
Thank you MC Hammer.

Oh... and listen to this song.

November 1st on...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I give myself rewards if I keep studying.
An example: I allow myself to write a blogpost if I finish writing flash cards from the bacterial pathogenesis slideshow.

I am not self conscious enough in my lab. If I were studying in the
library right now I would be afraid that people would see me on blogger... I would keep studying.
In lab I like to take pictures of myself and write blogs.
Here is my beat up face:

See the bruising? No... Well look at this view instead then.

Yum. Thank you lack of wisdom... teeth.

Here is a picture of me swimming with fish. We all know that I am deathly scared of fish so this picture could never actually happen except with a mac.

I desperately want to get my thoughts out on blogger about certain other things. Let's call said other things "the boy". "The boy" is of course a much nicer term than that used in my apartment. But, I am much too self conscious and I talk about it far too much with my roommates.
Maybe I will develop some... gusto? and speak of said boy... soon.
Sorry roommates.