Thursday, December 25, 2008


Some personal favorites..

Merry Christmas :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

mary-j, weed, pot, grass, dope, reefer, hash, cannabis, and my personal favorite: maui wowie

This phrase seems to constantly be in my mind.. 'smoke weed erey day.' It is a line out of a song and for some strange reason, because of its catchiness perhaps, it seems to roll through my mind quite often. I haven't ever really though about the reality of that phrase. There are many people that I know that do this exact thing, smoke weed every day. Three of them happen to be my siblings. The other night I asked my brother if I could use his car to drive to DQ with Erin. He said that his girlfriend was on her way over but that they were going to go drive around while they smoked pot and on the way he could drop Erin and I off at DQ.... offer declined. Sunday night I went out to dinner with my sister and a friend of hers, Jeff. While at the restaurant they started talking about how that night we were going to go home to play Wii and they were going to smoke pot. I told Sam that it would make me really uncomfortable. She said that they would just do it in the computer room. Jeff asked what about it would make me feel uncomfortable and I explained that everything would. These are grown adults. They are both in their 30s with careers. Please, grow the eff up. My goodness. You are not in high school anymore. Am I judging you? Yes, completely. Don't complain about your lack of money when you spend $5 a day on cigarettes, who knows how much on pot and alcohol. Wow, I got carried away.
Later in the conversation I mentioned to Sam how she said we would go to the light fest. Her friend Jeff joked, "well, you are going to have to go in the cab of the truck while your sister and I smoke." Whaaaaaaaaat. No way buddy. I said, "or you guys can just control yourselves for one night." He responded, "it's not about controlling ourselves, it is about whether we want to or not." Yeah, I am sure that is what it is about. Selfish? As we were leaving they continued to talk about getting high once we got back to Sam's. I snapped at Jeff and left the table. Sam walked after me and by this time I was crying. She said "wow, that was rude Katie." I turned around and faced her. She saw that I was crying and I said "Sam, just take me home if you are going to smoke. I will not be around it; I will not be around you when you are high." She came up to me and said it was all a joke. I know it wasn't. Sam isn't the bad guy, neither is Jeff. There was no "bad guy" in this situation. It is just me and what I want to be around and how I react when reality hits... Wow, no, I am not in Utah anymore. Wow, nobody else in my family holds my standards. Wow, my sister is always pressuring me to break them. They just don't know, they just don't know how I am. Have I become weak and unable to handle the world since moving to Utah? I don't think so... I think I have just become more sensitive to promptings from the Spirit. I know it was the Spirit that made me feel this way. I know the Heavenly Father was there watching over me and helping me stand up to my sister. I know this Church is true and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen...

Carried away again, but you know what I mean. I am grateful for my time spent in Utah. I am grateful that these things get to me; I hope they always do. That way I know I am doing the right things.

Merry Christmas?
yeah... Merry Christmas

Monday, December 8, 2008


Funniest thing ever:
So my friend Andre told me this story about his sister. She was sitting in the library at UVU when a boy walked up to her and dropped a note on her table and said that it was from his friend, then he walked away. This is what the note said:
"Lets start this note off with a little story. There once was a little innocent mouse who humbley went about his day to day chores. As he was working he saw this beautiful young mouse pass by him, and he sighed and gasped in his heart wondering if he could ever hang out with her. He thought he'd leave it up to her so he scrounged up all the confidence he had and left her a note saying if she approved she would leave him her number before she left."
Apprarently Andre's sister immediately stood up and walked out of the library. That boy must have been watching her the whole time she read it. That is just way creepy. I think I would have stood up and peaced out as well. A humble mouse? wtf?
Has anyone else had something this creepy done to them? I need stories.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Yes- This post has the same name as Kaylie's... I even put the period after the word blood. I am a thief.

I can't stop watching Dexter. Thank goodness I finished this season... because I have 1 paper due and 4 tests in the upcoming week, one of them is a final... great.
But... there are still so many episodes I have to catch up on from season one.
Seriously, this guy is brilliant. I know that a serial killer isn't usually one's hero, but hey, we all loved the guys in Boondock Saints, right?
I know I have explained this show to everyone I have ever met, but I just need to get this down in writing.
Dexter is amazing. When this guy was 3 his mother was killed with a chainsaw right in front of his eyes. He sat in 2 inches blood for three days until the police came. The man who adopted him was the police officer who rescued him. He detected in Dexter psychotic tendencies. He realized that Dexter would kill, so he taught him who to kill and gave him a code to live by. As Dexter unravels his past he veers off the code and creates a path for himself. This man, Dexter, does not feel emotions.. He has a girlfriend, but just because she is damaged like him. As viewers we watch him develop feelings and not know how to deal with them. He may be a serial killer, but he only kills those who he knows have murdered others. He is a baller. Plus, you get to see him murder people some times.
I am happy that I got this out.
I freakin' love this show...
Although it has taken away the sting I developed when I heard the f word.
Eh... is it worth it?
As of now.... yes.