Thursday, February 26, 2009

all out fun

Today at the advisement of Brian, while looking through failblog I came upon this:

Oh you Provo hooligans...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Suf-jan? Soof-jan? Suf-yan? Soof-yan?

There are very few musicians that can make me happier than Sufjan (SOOF-yan) Stevens (STEE-vuhnz). Seriously, listen to Decatur and not smile.
I think the number one for me is if I am listening to the radio and The Beatles happen to come on... that is the ultimate in musical happiness.
But, listening to Sufjan's upbeat music just perks my spirits.
However... I wouldn't suggest listening to John Wayne Gacy Jr. if you are looking for a pick me up... Yeah, songs about serial killers never tend to be the greatest at that.
Also... Satan's Saxaphone has to be the most irritating song I have ever heard in my life. And, of course, it was meant to be that way.
He has an album wholey dedicated to the state I love the most. You can't go wrong with Michigan. Even if most of the songs have the theme about the state picking itself up.
I didn't really prove my point in this post. At least he is good looking.
I think Jenna and I will forever argue about who is going to carry his babies first.

picture this

What exactly is it that makes me happy?
I like to think that many things make me happy. Lately in my mind the same phrase has repeated itself. "I live my life in order to make myself happy." A slightly selfish sounding statement- but not far from the truth. You may ask, "Katie, what if what makes you happy hurts another?" Well- I like to think that if I was hurting someone else, I wouldn't be happy. Yet, the exceptions to that are endless... possibly... I can only think of a few thus far.

What made me happy tonight?
-Doing well on my test, the oreos I ate, watching the office, spending time with my roommates and Ian.
Why is it that these things make me happy?
I wish that I could say that most of the time when I am happy that it isn't for superficial reasons. Did you understand that sentence? Perhaps my thoughts are a little too confusing.
The Gospel-
The gospel makes me happy. Does it make me happy all the time? Do I thrive on the happiness that I receive from it? I wish I could say yes... but I can't. When I am sad it is hard to get outside of my self centered attitude to realize how happy I should be because I have the truth and because I know that I have someone who loves me no matter what.
But, sometimes I like to sit in my own despair.
So. What makes me happy then?
-the gospel
-ice cream
-my friends
-good dinners
-good hair days
-doing well on tests
-forgetting that I have a future to plan
-the middle cushion on the big couch
-letters in the mail
-talking to my family on the phone
-other things I am sure...

one day I will post a substantial post.
For now you get this picture:

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ma Mom

This is my mom:

She is very funny.
When I was in high school we did not get along at all.... and not because of your typical mother/teenage daughter reasons.

But... all of those that know me know that as well.. so we won't relive the past.

Since then, we have gotten close again and it is good to talk to her.

My mother has a facebook. My mother loves facebook.

Everyday I get new requests for applications from her: chocolate box, relatives, kisses... and most recently: babies.

I do not know what the babies application is, nor will I ever for I just giggle at these applications then deny them.

When Jenna deleted her facebook my mother called me concerned. "Is Jenna all right? I see she deleted her facebook. You better call her to make sure everything is all right."

When talking to my mother on the phone today she brought it up. She didn't understand where it came from. Why was I saying these things to her. My aunt, who also has a facebook, called my mother to ask her if I was joining the army... I am not. I had wanted to talk to my dad after my mother but I was laughing too hard that I had to hang up the phone
My mother is impossible to get off the phone. "Well mom, I am going to let you go now." "Okay, so how are your roommates? How was that homework assingment? How is blah blah blah?" I proceed to say I am going to hang up over and over, progessively louder, until she says goodbye.
My mother is funniest when she is on her drugs. She takes sleeping pills then proceeds to go to bed at 8pm. If she stays up much later than this, she won't remember what happened. One night she went outside in her pajamas to shovel our back porch. My dad was outside getting into his truck to go plowing and called my brother to bring her in. Talking to her on the phone while I am at school and she is like this is the funniest.
My mother is great. She is very caring and funny.
So... become her facebook friend: Patricia Harris.
She will be thoroughly offended if you don't request her first.