Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shady Ian

I will win, we will win... Ian will not win.
We got him back tonight.
I called him and invited him to come over and watch The Office, that is what friends do right? Hang out with their other friends?
But no, Ian brought a cup of water to dump on us.
Shady shadester.
We didn't let him in until he dumped it out.
"I swear I am in my bedroom." Lies... all lies.
Brooke goes to Ian's apartment to be a distracter.
Katie comes over with a glass of water and dumps it down the back of his sweatshirt.
Sweet, oh sweet, revenge.
Most unfortunately Brooke knocked her head on the way out...
But I did not.
It was great.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dairy Queen

Today I showed Brooke a picture of me and some other girls from my freshman homecoming. She had no idea which one was me. This is ironic since I have looked the exact same since I was 1 1/2 years old. Actually, I am not sure if that is ironic, I am not an english major, but whatever. At that homecoming the dress I was wearing was a size 1... yes folks, 6 years ago I wore a size 1. It was probably a splendid period of my life. As my high school years passed I started gaining weight, just the normal weight of growing. Suddenly it was my junior year and I needed to get a job. I applied to both Dairy Queen and Play it Again Sports. I was called first into Dairy Queen for my interview. This interview entailed receiving a hat and shirt and being shown around the back. No questions, no we'll call you back, automatic hiring. Later I was called into the Play it Again Sports for a similar process; they wanted to hire me as well! Wow was I desirable or what? I told them I had already received a job but thank you so much. Where did I actually want to work? Truthfully probably Play it Again because the pay was better, but I felt bad so I ended up working at the local DQ. My dad told me I shouldn't work at Dairy Queen; "You know how much you like ice cream Katie, this is a bad idea." Psh... I can control myself dad; do you really think that low of me? I am a liar. I could in no way control myself. Seriously, I became the biggest fatty mc fat fat to walk on this Earth upon my employment at the DQ. Lack of self control is a serious understatement. And that is the story of how I got way fat my junior and senior years of high school.

And thanks to my freshman year of college and every night being brownie night I added on another pants size to that. You rock brownies!