Saturday, August 4, 2012

Why is it so easy to get distracted while I am studying for finals?  Perhaps because the final I am studying for is on cooking.  Cooking.  I can't even pretend to be upset, this is one of the greatest classes I have taken at Brigham Young University.

So... I'm back.  I'm officially an RM.  That means that I am smart and spiritual and mature now, right?  Maybe not quite, but I have the label RM to throw around.

Some good things about returning from a mission:
-All your music is brand new once again.  After listening to church music for the past 18 months, The Beatles' White Album feels like it was released yesterday.  Don't even get me started on my old, now new, Arcade Fire album.
-I can now talk to my friends in person.  We don't have to wait weeks to hear from each other via letter.  I can even hold their babies! (yes, babies... A lot happens when you are gone for 18 months.)
-I can talk with my parents everyday on the phone.  Not just 3 times a year, but every dang day.  Not that we do, but the option is there.
-Everyday is P-day!!!!!!!! Okay, lame, I know.

Some not as good things about returning from a mission:
-Real life kind of smacks you in the face.  You've been in this care-free dream land of sorts for the past 18 months of your life and now you are back in the real world and have to deal with adult things once again.  Now you have to do school work and date and get married.  Boo!
-You aren't a missionary anymore!  Being a missionary is the best.  Everyday on Temple Square I would walk around and talk to people about the things that matter most in the whole world, the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  

I didn't think I would ever blog again, ever.  But, here we are.

Hey!  This was me as a missionary at an Afghan birthday party:

And you thought I wasn't cultured....