Monday, October 20, 2008


Today I got another e-mail from Mckay's mom... a forward of his letter. He is growing up so much and he said his Spanish is just improving so fast. He is really learning to rely on the Lord. My favorite thing about the letters is the fact that his grammar is so horrible in it.. wow.
My favorite part of this letter:
"i have one request por favor! please send me candy! the food here sucks in everyway. the best thing i have had is cow tounge and it was actually really good but everything else sucks. i just want a box of candy and altoids in there too. if you send it soon it will be here around christmas anyways. haha"
Maybe I will send him a package full of candy as well... but probably not.
What a good boy, how I do miss my best friend.
Plus he and his companion were teaching people in an alley and these guys walked up to them with a knife... :
"dad i know ur going to recieve this first so this sory if for you then you can delete it so mom cant read it. the other nihgt we were teaching this lady in the street back in a ally and making a return appt and this guy was behind me and my comp noticed him and i could see in my side vision and he had a knife out waiting for us to get done. i was like oh crap. i have tought my comp english phrases so if theres somthin going on he can say it real quick and the people wont know whats going on. well the guy was waiting for us and whistling for him gang to come well we just kept the conversation rolling and waited for a good time. the guy trued and walked up the street for a sec and right when we saw that we just booked it! it scared the crap out of me."
That is so frightening especially because of that missionary in Australia that was stabbed.
I am so grateful for the missionaries... the things they do daily, just a complete devotion to the Lord and his work... amazing.

Thank you to all pre/current/post missionaries :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lamest super power ever

Being able to see through clothes... of only ugly people.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I love that the pit in a nectarine is purple.. it makes the fruit so much better.
I have been really sad lately and I don't know why.
Actually I do know why and it is all my fault, but I can't help it, I can't stop myself.
I guess I could stop myself if I really wanted to but maybe basking in the past is worth being sad.
Actually it isn't.
I didn't mean to say why I was sad, oh well.
What if what if what if.........
That is a bad idea.
I tell Gabby to not say what if.
It wouldn't have worked anyway, there is no way.
No, changed too much; forced too much.
According to my dad all my problems can be solved by running. All of a sudden I won't hate science anymore and I will want to major in microbiology.
I won't be homesick and I won't want to be around you anymore.
But he was wrong about the last part.
The more I run the more you are there.
My brother feels that nobody knows who he really is.
Does anyone know who I really am?
Most certainly no one in my family, which is sad.
I think Erin does though, I think she is the only one who will be able to interpret this mess.
Think Ron Paul... you got it.
Is the revolution lost? Is it lost forever? Did the revolution exist?
The mannerisms, the smile, the attitude, so desired.
I cut down. Less than a pack a day. Then I forced myself to start again.
Do I want to study for math? No, not at all....
If you do understand this don't tell me..
Unless you live outside the state of Utah.
Now I have nectarine stuck in my teeth.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I never want to be on you for 12 hours ever again... that's what she said
I never want to do you for 4 hours straight again... see above
I would like to eat a piece of you every day.
Book of Mormon-
You bring me comfort, thank you for that.
George Foreman-
I really love making delicious sandwiches on your grills.
Gone With the Wind-
You are my favorite book.
Lil' Wayne-
I have been loving your music lately... even though you say some really nasty things.
You are such a good friend. Keep on reading the above mentioned book; you will discover truths and happiness beyond measure... and I don't mean Gone With the Wind.
Stop having music that I want to buy.
Please come to my television so I can watch it.
Ice Cream-
You are delicious.
Capture the Flag-
Stop having people cry over you.
Thank you for not being pink any longer.
I would really like to enjoy you, we will see if I take any tests.
Cell Phone-
You are a handy tool for creeping people out, thanks for working.
Teriyaki Stix-
Please taste better next time.
That is all.