Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Upon further inspection...

To begin, today I had my missionary shower... like a bridal or baby shower. It was wonderful. Honestly, the women in my ward are so amazing and so generous. I received more gifts than I have probably my last 5 Christmas Days and Birthdays combined. That aside, it was a great little party so I thought I would upload a couple pictures!

Opening gifts... footies!

Obviously enthused guests

More gifts!

Party People

Next... I was searching through some pictures that my mom has saved on the computer. I decided to upload some of my favorites! You might notice that many of these are taken by you, yes, you, my wonderful friends, and she saves them as her own on the computer! Ha, she is great.

Kenny's face... ahhh haha

This beauty is labeled: Katie- roasted and toasted. fml.

um, k, bye.


kaylie jean. said...

YOUR HAIR!!!! AHFHDLHFKDhslkjahlfkhiuhlfjkdhklacbsljsdhjfkahlsd!!!!


Oh, I miss you....

Jenna said...


Boo I'm not in any of deez pics

Claire said...

My favorites are the pics of the enthused guests and of you roasted and toasted.
You are great.
Your hair looks great.
Those presents look great.
Your RS is so great.

We will talk very soon.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Thanks for stopping by AND commenting!!! I wish I had "known" you earlier! I know that you will have a wonderful mission! Best of luck!