Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Analytical Approach to Justin Bieber's My World 2.0

Recently I have become ill with what some are calling "Bieber Fever". It has plagued me, and in consequence all those around me because of my need to listen to Justin Bieber all day, everyday. On my drive to work today I was feeling especially sick, and therefore started analyzing the masterpiece known as "My World 2.0". This blog will not discuss every song, just the finer pieces.
The album begins with the song "Baby", ft. Ludacris. This song and its accompanying dance are favorites of many. Baby is a strong way to begin an album as it is a hit single, very catchy and relatable. The only negative thing that can be said about this song is that although the music video for Baby is the number one most viewed video on youtube, it has more dislikes than likes.
Justin then transitions into "Somebody to Love". This is his second single from the album, and a strong one at that. Somebody to Love is both catchy and easy to dance to. As the young kids say, it makes one want to 'get down'. Although I enjoy the album version of this song, I prefer the remix with Usher.
"Stuck in the Moment", track three, compares the love Bieber feels for a girl with the love of history's most famous couples. These include Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde, Adam and Eve, and my personal favorite, Sonny and Cher. The way he cleverly includes "I got you baby", when referring to Sonny and Cher, is something that will no doubt be remembered for ages. The song initially made zero impression on me as it follows two of the album's stronger pieces, but since then has become a personal favorite.
We will quickly discuss "U Smile", the fourth track. Other than the blatant disregard for proper spelling of the word 'you', U Smile is an enjoyable enough song and is Bieber's next single.
Now it is appropriate to skip down to "Eenie Meenie". This song features Sean Kingston, well known for singing "Beautiful Girls". Kingston begins the song with the lyrics "She's indecisive, she can't decide". I am unsure as to why he didn't continue with the rest of the song in this manner. The next lyric, instead of "She keeps on looking, from left to right", should have been something along the lines of "She keeps on looking, her eyes keep scanning." Some other catchy phrases they could have included in the song are things such as, She is beautiful, she has appealing features; I hugged her, we embraced... things of that nature. Next time Sean and Justin should check in with me before finalizing an album. The duo is strong on this track and it is engaging to the ears. The use of "eenie meenie miney moe" is clever and takes most of us back to our childhood, a period of great joy. This is a very enjoyable song and possibly my favorite on the album.
Well, that is all I have in my analytical approach to Justin Bieber's My World 2.0. I hope this reading experience was pleasureable to you and that you will listen to My World 2.0 to form your own opinions on the album. Next Week Backstreet Boys Millennium will be analyzed. I am anticipating this will be on Rolling Stone Magazine's website, as they will undoubtedly read this article.
Farewell world.


Claire and Chad Ford said...

I was just reminded by my boss that there is no laughing aloud in this office. Well forget that!
Next to my dear husband, Justin Bieber is my life's obsession. I am currently most devoted to "Never Say Never," beautifully highlighting the talents of both Bieber and upcoming heartthrob, Jaden Smith. The YouTube version is a must-see.

Allie Hymas said...

Thank you so much. I too have succumbed to "Bieber Fever" and was heretofore a little sheepish about admitting it due to my advanced years in comparison with Justin. Eenie Meenie is amongst my favorites as well recently as "Love Me" the remake of that weird 90's female pop song. His improvements to the song are immense.

kendra joan said...

Bieb fiev is undoubtedly sweapin' the nash.

I look forward to more of these analyses in the future. It was highly enlightening. Thank you Katherine for your insights.

Claire and Chad Ford said...

Hahaha, Kendra. I love you.

Katie, I went home and tried to quote this entire thing to Chad...which I did not succeed at. Because I was laughing so hard.